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We all have family photographs which are cracked, creased, faded, torn, off colour, too dark, too light or badly stained.  Our photographic restoration service can bring these photographs back to their former glory.



A quotation will be submitted back to you before any work starts.

Following your approval we will then, commence with the restoration.


Basic restoration £14
Fading, discolouration, small scratches and blemishes removed.

Moderate restoration £19
Tears, creases, missing corners, marks and stains (except on faces, hands or other complex areas).

Advanced restoration £28
Repair of complex areas such as faces and hands, removal of subjects, replacement backgrounds, repair of extensive damage.

Unless otherwise specified, the quotation includes restoration and digital file of your image.

Enlargements costs are as follows.

6"x 4" -£7.00

7"x 5" -£10.00

10"x 8" - £13.00

12"x 8" - £18.00 larger sizes available on request (subject to image quality)


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Below you may upload multiple High resolution scanned JPG images. Fill in your information below, and then click the button to begin.


Hand delivery your photographs to 4 Cary Glen Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 3TY ( by appointment only) 01249 465888


Post your photograph using Royal Mail Special Delivery to

Pearce Photography, 4 Cary Glen, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 3TY

(Pearce Photography except no responsibility for any lost or damage caused to prints during Postage)




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Q. How long before I get my restored pictures?
A. We can usually return restored pictures within 28 days. If this is not possible through volume of work we will let you know. If you have a deadline please tell us at the start and we will do or best to meet it for you.

Q. Will your pictures last?
A. Yes, we print on Fuji or Agfa Archival Grade photographic paper with a fade resistance rated at 150 years.

Q. Do you work with colour photographs?
A. Yes. We can correct colour photos, black and white, sepia etc. and can convert any of these to any other type.

Q. Will my original picture be safe?
A. Yes. Your picture will be scanned using a professional quality (Epson) machine, and the result stored on CD-ROM.
Once scanned your original is stored safely pending return.

Q. Can you enlarge a small picture, or part of a picture?
A. Yes. However, extreme enlargements can reveal faults and defects that don't show on the original. We will contact you if the enlargement is likely to make the picture unacceptably fuzzy or unattractive.

Q. What sizes can you print?
A. Subject to the image quality of the origional image, any size up to 20 x 30 inches or banner size, i.e. school panoramas. Our price list shows the standard sizes. Please check with us first for the cost of unusual sizes.

Q. Can you make a fuzzy picture sharp?
A. A little sharpening is possible on some pictures. However we cannot correct pictures that are basically out of focus.

Q. Can you replace missing parts of a picture?
A. Yes. If the missing part is an extension of the rest of the picture (such as grass, or a wall) we can probably do so from the original. Complex areas may be replaced by using another photograph where the missing detail can be seen.

Q. Can you combine pictures or subjects?
A. Yes. Send all the pictures you want combined together with clear instructions about what elements are to be combined on the new picture. We will contact you to confirm that we understand your requirements and quote you a price.

Q. Can I send a scan I have made myself?
A. Yes. Email your image to

Q. Is there a choice of paper finishes?
A. Yes. You can choose gloss or matt finishes; matt is the default. Please specify when ordering.

Q. Can I have reprints?
A. Yes. Your restored picture is stored on our server so extra prints can be ordered at any time.

Q. How do you work out what to charge?
A. The prices are based on our experience of how long a restoration takes. If for example you want a picture restored, and then digitally hand-tinted, it will take much longer than just performing the restoration, and the cost will be higher.

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